My First Blog Post: My Eighth Blog!

Hello fine readers,

I’m not sure how you got here, I’m not even sure how I got here. But here is where I am and this is what I’m doing starting another new blog, I don’t know if it is the eighth, but it must be pretty close to it, like a timelord I’m constantly regenerating.

Ok, well that’s not exactly true, the fact of the matter is I’m not very good at this, I start a blog full of ideas, write a post or two and then like most things in my life it gets dumped upon procrastination mountain, where half finished projects and partial ideas are free to roam but never grow.

This place might go the same way, left to rot and fall apart,  where no one walks in its dusty barren halls. Or it may grow and flourish, becoming a full of life, ideas, observations and discussions about our lives and our world and the increasingly ridiculous nature of it all.

But wait dear reader, I hear you now, look at the date you say; “The 5th of January 2017, another blogger with a New Years Resolution to start a blog, that won’t last five minutes”. This could be the case, but I’m hoping it’s not, I’m not one for making resolutions, as they only New Years Resolution I’ve ever stuck to is not making them ’cause I just keep breaking them.

I have no real plan or direction for this blog, to some it may come across as random ramblings to others a holy text to live lif(no I’m kidding, please dear reader don’t be doing that.)

But above all, I hope all who find this place will join me on this adventure and engage with its content, if all goes to plan I hope to update this place pretty regularly.



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